Top 5 Symptoms of Vitamin D & Calcium Deficiency in Kids


Did you know that kids need more nutrients than adults? As it turns out, this fact is mostly unknown, and their nutrition is sometimes ignored, which is causing Hypocalcemia( deficiency of calcium in the blood) among the kids of today’s generation.

The health of bones and muscles depends on vitamin D. The body needs calcium and phosphate for strong, healthy bones, and vitamin D aids in the absorption of these nutrients from meals.

But even after being such an important nutrient, problems such as Vitamin D and calcium deficiency are growing in the country among the kids and this is an unconcerned vital problem that needs to be addressed with a fast and optimal solution. Also, the most common reason  having Vitamin D and Calcium deficiency among children is lack of nutrition.

Symptoms of Vitamin D and Calcium deficiency:

Many children with Vitamin D deficiency do not have symptoms and for some these could be the symptoms:

  1. Muscle Weakness or Cramps: Many times when a kid faces problems like weakness or cramps too often, it can be a sign of him/her having calcium deficiency.
  1. Bone Pain: If your kid faces problems like pain in the bones and joints, it might be a sign of having Vitamin D and calcium deficiency.
  1. Tiredness or Depression: Even lots of weakness and depression can be caused by deficiency of Vitamin D in the body.
  1. Rickets: Vitamin D deficiency causes rickets among kids and children, which is a disease causing thin, weak and deformed bones. When vitamin D is low in the body, glands in the body take calcium from bones, to keep the calcium range in the blood normal.

Today’s kids, being hyperactive and super techy, need good fulfillment of nutrients such as Vitamin D and calcium to keep their growth constant and bones strong for all the physical activities involved in their daily routine. According to reports 2.4 million school-going children in India are hyperactive and have a requirement of strong bones to support their ADHD nature. A solution to this problem can be the use of nutritive gummies available online. With a variety of options available online, and the Indian kids care products market is projected to reach INR 25,345 crore by 2026, these gummies have indefinable availability with many nutritive benefits and are a go-to supplement for kids, as they prefer it over tablets and consider it as a toffee which satisfies their sweet tooth.

Benefits Of Using Gummies:

  1. Easily Chewable: Though kids have strong milk teeth, so they can crunch anything, tablets can’t be chewed by them, and asking them to swallow can be a risky task. So a better substitute gummies are very soft, safe and easily Chewable.
  1. Variety: Many children are choosy and picky regarding their sweet tooth, so with lots of flavors of gummies available online, they have lots of options available….
  1. Taken Anytime: With no requirement of water or any practice, these gummies can be taken by kids who are way too busy in their work and play and never stop for anything. 
  1. Absorption: It is scientifically proven that vitamins from gummies are absorbed easily within the stomach as compared to other Vitamin supplements.

Qaadu – Perfect Solution for Your Kid’s Vitamin needs:

Qaadu being a vegan and herbal solutions products brand, is a holistic approach towards giving your kids the best of nutrients with their best of organic products. Qaadu has a unique and authentically green concept. All of our products are formulated with ingredients sourced from the deepest forests and specially planted, dedicated herbal gardens. And for your kid’s vitamin D and calcium requirements Qaadu has come up with their own delicious and nutritious gummies:

Kids Calcium & Vitamin D Gummies

With great Ingredients that help kids in their nutrition, these Kids’ Calcium & Vitamin D Gummies from  Qaadu are the best fit to make your kids prone to problems caused by lack of calcium. These tasty gummies are ideal for kids who don’t eat enough calcium-based foods, are lactose intolerant, have inadequate calcium intake, and display signs of calcium deficiency. These gummies are also very useful for kids who suffer from weak bones or fractures and other bone-related health problems. 

Benefits of Qaadu’s Kids Calcium and Vitamin D Gummies:
  1. It keeps bones and teeth strong, which are full of calcium and vitamin D nutrients and also are made to cater to this particular problem.
  2. Helps absorb calcium, as sometimes children take enough protein, but their body doesn’t retain it, so these gummies help in retaining calcium that comes within the body.
  3. These calcium and vitamin D Gummies reduce the risk of fractures, as by providing enough calcium and vitamin D to the bones, these gummies make them stronger.
  4. While providing important vitamin D Nutrients to the kid’s body, these gummies strengthen muscles and reduce aches and pains that can happen to any kid with deficiency of calcium Nutrients.

Indefinitely, many kids face this problem of Vitamin D and Calcium deficiency and with a bit of effort (ordering healthy and tasty gummies online) this problem can be solved and also can make your kid’s future more bright and boneful!

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