Kids Multi Vitamin & Mineral Gummies

MRP: 650.00 (inclusive of all taxes)

Supplement to support overall nourishment and growth

Servings: 60 Gummies

Developed to support kids’ growth, this nutritional supplement has premium natural ingredients that are beneficial for kids. Delicious tasting gummies that deliver targeted nutrition are ideal for kids who suffer from loss of appetite, have irregular eating habits, eat less than their body requires, or eat junk food frequently. They are also ideal for kids with poor growth and development and attention deficit disorder.

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Why are these gummies so good?

  • Supplement food to fill nutritional gaps
  • Boost appetite and metabolism
  • Support proper growth and development
  • Are good for the eyes, skin, and hair
  • Promote sharper minds and clear thinking
  • Enhance immunity and protect against common illnesses
  • Maintain hormonal balance, blood circulation, and muscle growth
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Dimensions 8.0000094 × 8.0000094 × 16.9999914 cm


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